An Insight on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men


There are two main myths associated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy that I want to address here briefly. The first myth or baffle is that Testosterone replacement therapy for men can cause prostate cancer. The second myth is that this therapy is all about libido or sex drive.

Well, let us consider the first one here. Where did the baffle come from that addition of testosterone can cause prostate cancer?

These days, testosterone levels are suppressed during the treatment of prostate cancers. This can either be done through surgery or medication called anti-androgens. This treatment type, when works, makes the cancer cells to shrink. This treatment stops working after a year of treatment.

It therefore makes sense to assume that the removal of testosterone from the body can make some prostate cancers to shrink temporarily, and the addition of testosterone will definitely do the opposite and make the prostate cancer to spread. Nonetheless, this is basically an assumption. The reality is that there is no scientific proof to support this assumption. There is no such report of augmentation in case of prostate cancer in men when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy in respect to any such therapy like hormone therapy for women.

Therefore what about the second myth that this therapy is all about sex drive? This myth might have been favoured by people almost a decade ago. However, there is now some proof that this therapy does have a role to play in dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It might also offer some protection against some types of stroke and cardio vascular disease. There is very less research done on this therapy and progesterone replacement therapy and people agree to the fact that more research is necessary to clear such myths.